Boost the Immune System and Reduce Inflammation with Amanita Regalis

Amanita Regalis with brown cap and white spots
The Amanita Regalis is Easily Distinguished and Striking

For years researchers have avoided the Amanita Regalis due to its psychoactive properties. Many considered it to be poisonous, but the mushroom revolution currently ongoing in America has brought the Amanita Regalis back into the mainstream. Researchers have turned their attention to the muscimol and ibotenic acid found in the Amanita Regalis. After comparing A. Muscaria, A. Pantherina, and A. Regalis, it was found that Amanita Regalis has the potential to have the highest concentration of ibotenic acid and muscimol. This shows it could possibly be the best solution to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. 

What is the Amanita Regalis Mushroom?

The Amanita Regalis is also known as the Royal Fly Agaric or King of Mushrooms. It is a striking mushroom with a large brown or ochre colored dome with white spots. As it matures, the cap flattens out and can grow up to six inches in diameter – the largest cap in the Amanita family. This mushroom is found growing in clusters around deciduous and coniferous trees in late summer through autumn across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Like many of the members of the Amanita family, A. Regalis has been used for centuries as part of spiritual ceremonies around the world. 

Analysis of A. Regalis revealed that there are considerable amounts of ibotenic acid and muscimol, even more than Amanita Muscaria. But it was found that A. Regalis was exempt of muscarine and tryptamine derivatives, which the rest of the Amanita mushrooms contain. The lack of these derivatives combined with the increased ibotenic acid and muscimol create truly unique therapeutic and psychoactive effects.    

Benefits of Microdosing Amanita Regalis 

Energized by Amanita Regalis
Amanita Regalis Can Boost the Immune System

More and more research is being conducted everyday on muscimol. Researchers continue to release findings, and there are some very promising results. Muscimol interacts with the GABA receptors throughout the body’s central nervous system. These receptors have been shown to regulate neuronal firing and mood, and control cognition, pain, sleep, and motor function.

Anti-inflammatory: In a study conducted in 2022, muscimol was shown to protect against systemic inflammatory responses. The higher concentration of muscimol in A. Regalis could potentially offer more relief. 

Immune system enhancement: Another study showed that muscimol has the potential to have strong antioxidant properties. These properties can help boost the immune system as well as improve digestion, heart function, and improve skin.

It is important to maintain a small dose of Amanita Regalis mushrooms as part of a self-care routine. Too much ibotenic acid and muscimol can result in dizziness, nausea, uncontrollable motions, and sleepiness. 

Amanita Regalis versus Amanita Muscaria versus Amanita Pantherina

Fully Mature A. Regalis
The Amanita Regalis Grows up to 8″ in Diameter

Each member of the Amanita family contains ibotenic acid and muscimol of varying amounts, but there are also traits that distinguish these mushrooms.

Amanita Muscaria: This is the most iconic of the Amanita family. It is known for its red domed cap with white spots. When mature, the Amanita Muscaria is usually three to five inches in diameter. This mushroom must be dried, cooked, or boiled to reduce the ibotenic acid and muscimol to levels that are safe to consume.   

Amanita Regalis: This is the largest member of the Amanita family. Its mature cap is a dark brown or ochre with white spots. It measures an impressive six inches in diameter. Eating the raw mushroom is highly discouraged. It should be dried, boiled, or cooked before consuming. 

Amanita Patherina: This mushroom looks very similar to the Amanita Regalis, but it is considerably smaller. It does have a brown color with the white spots, but the cap is flat. Even fully matured, this mushroom will only be two to five inches in diameter. It is also highly discouraged to eat raw Amanita Pantherina. It needs to be dried, boiled, or cooked before consumption.

ShroomBuddy Can Help Find the Right Amanita Mushrooms For You

With differing amounts of ibotenic acid and muscimol, not everyone is going to find the self-care they need with every member of the Amanita family. ShroomBuddy has several articles available to assist with self-care decisions. Depending on your health goals, we also have chaga, reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps, maitake, as well as the psychoactive amanita muscaria and amanita pantherina. All of these mushrooms have been used throughout history for their abilities to support mental health, boost energy, and improve overall well being. 

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