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Mushrooms are fast becoming a go-to natural remedy for numerous ailments, and now they can help you reduce insomnia and get a better night’s rest. The ultimate mushroom supplement protocol for better sleep uses three specific mushrooms to improve your body’s circadian system. For example, when the Reishi mushroom is taken at night as it has a calming effect that relaxes the mind and promotes restful sleep, while Lion’s Mane helps balance your body chemistry and fight insomnia. Additionally, Cordyceps mushrooms increase energy throughout the day, which makes them ideal for morning consumption. Through this simple routine of taking these powerful substances daily, you’ll be inviting incredible healing properties into your system that rebuild healthy sleeping biorhythms on an ongoing basis.

By taking functional mushrooms daily (either in food form or supplement form), you could start experiencing improved quality of sleep and reduced fatigue throughout the day. Improved sleep patterns come with enhanced mental clarity and concentration levels, encouraging enhanced productivity during waking hours. A steady practice of this supplement protocol will ensure that you continue enjoying restored bodily energy and greater cognitive acuity until it becomes an automatic habit!

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