Microdosing Amanita Pantherina Can Improve Sleep and Create Vivid Dreams

Amanita Pantherina or Panther Cap
An Amanita Pantherina is a Rare Find in the Wild

The Amanita Pantherina mushroom is not as well known as its red domed cousin Amanita Muscaria. But, that is changing fast. New research has shed light on the therapeutic benefits of the Amanita family, specifically the component muscimol. This psychoactive component has the potential to create a dream-like state while reducing muscle pain, alleviating anxiety, and deepening sleep. 

What is the Amanita Pantherina Mushroom?

The Amanita Pantherina, or A. Pantherina, naturally grows in southern Europe and Western Asia. It is a rare mushroom to find in the wild and can be easily overlooked due to its color. A. Pantherina has a dark brown to reddish brown cap covered in white spots. It starts out in a domed shape and matures into a flattened cap that can be five to twelve centimeters in diameter. There is no flavor when it is eaten raw and smells faintly of raw potatoes. 

The Psychoactive Ingredients in A. Pantherina

Like Amanita Muscaria, A. Pantherina contains the two psychoactive components muscimol and ibotenic acid. Muscimol interacts with the GABA receptors located throughout the body’s central nervous system. These receptors are responsible for regulating emotion and controlling cognition, pain, sleep, and motor function. Ibotenic acid has been shown to stimulate and energize by interacting with excitatory neurotransmitters as they send messages throughout the central nervous system. After ingesting muscimol and ibotenic acid, many people say they feel a strong sense of euphoria and tranquility while others have reported vivid dreams. 

Benefits of Microdosing Amanita Pantherina

Researchers have recently started identifying the potential therapeutic benefits of the Amanita Pantherina. In a study published in 2022, researchers identified that muscimol protected against systemic inflammatory response in endotoxemic mice. This shows that muscimol has the potential to support:

  • Easing pain in aching muscles
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Inducing deep restorative sleep

Another study showed that low doses of muscimol had the potential to improve memory. In this study, researchers administered muscimol to a rat model of STZ-induced Alzeheimer’s Disease. At the end, they found that the doses “exerted memory-enhancing and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as normalization of acetylcholine esterase and GABA expression.”

A. Pantherina Can Have More Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid than A. Muscaria

Smaller Amanita Pantherina
Never consume raw A. Pantherina Mushrooms

The psychoactive effects of the Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Muscaria make them highly sought after mushrooms. Both are known for euphoric and tranquil effects that can last for several hours when consumed in low doses. To take full advantage of the therapeutic effects of muscimol it is advised to maintain a low dosage. Drying, cooking, and boiling these mushrooms should remove most of the toxins for safe consumption. 

Amanita Pantherina has larger doses of ibotenic acid and muscimol than other members of the Amanita family, especially the raw mushroom. This does not mean that the psychoactive effect will be more powerful than an Amanita Muscaria. It means caution should be taken when eating A. Pantherina. While not necessarily fatal, consuming large doses of muscimol and ibotenic can have adverse effects, including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, uncoordinated movements, and hallucinations. 

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