Ibotenic Acid Can Induce Feelings of Euphoria and Sensations of “Flying”

ibotenic acid helps with anxiety and pain
Ibotenic Acid can Help with Pain and Anxiety

Many people are familiar with the psychoactive effects of muscimol. It is well known for creating a mood state that can be energetic and creative and even bring on sensations of flying. But only a few know about the other half of this euphoria they are experiencing. Ibotenic acid is an unstable non-protein amino acid that decarboxylates into muscimol at lower temperatures. Not all ibotenic acid converts after being ingested. Some of it works its way into the bloodstream creating a different set of effects and potential benefits.

Ibotenic Acid is Found in Members of the Amanita Family

Ibotenic acid was first isolated in the 1690s from the Amanita Ibotengutake, a Japanese member of the Amanita family. It was quickly discovered that ibotenic acid is in abundance within other mushrooms of the Amanita family. Species that contain higher concentrations of ibotenic acid are Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina. Amanita Gematta and Amanita Regalis also contain ibotenic acid, but not as much as others.

What Does Ibotenic Acid Do?

After being ingested, ibotenic acid affects the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and APCD receptor sites in the central nervous system. As a result of these systems being targeted, perception and motor function can be impaired. Some of the ibotenic acid will decarboxylate into muscimol by the human body. Muscimol is known to be an antagonist of the body’s GABA receptors in the nervous system, creating a sense of tranquility and euphoria.

Effects of Ibotenic Acid

Ibotenic acid interacts with the central nervous system like muscimol, so many of the effects are very similar. Consumers have reported feelings of uplifted euphoria and the hallucination of sounds and images. Contentment, tranquility, and creativity are also reported. The effects are described as a slow build to an exciting peak about an hour or so after consumption. These effects can last up to three hours after eating capsules, tinctures, or gummies containing ibotenic acid. It can take thirty to sixty minutes before any effects of ibotenic acid can be felt. To avoid any adverse effects, it is a good idea to take a small amount of ibotenic acid and wait the full sixty minutes to see if any effects are felt. If none are felt, take another small dose and wait another sixty minutes. Too much ibotenic acid could result in nausea or drowsiness.

Potential Health Benefits of Ibotenic Acid

Amanita Muscaria Gummies
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Since Ibotenic acid converts into muscimol, it is thought to share many of the same potential health benefits. Research specific to ibotenic acid is still limited, but it is showing great promise.

Pain Relief: Several studies found that muscimol effectively reduces the neuropathic pain from nerve-related injuries. This pain relief lasted 15 to 180 minutes for some patients.

Reduced Anxiety: As an antagonist of GABA receptors, muscimol and ibotenic acid can suppress activity in the central nervous system to reduce anxiety.

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